29 mars 2008

Lördagskul: Penisförstorarsskräppostrubriker

Spam är ett helvete, det vet alla. Men om man ska försöka se något positivt med det så får man faktiskt berömma vissa av spammarna för sina kreativa försöka att få vår uppmärksamhet. Får man mycket spam kan man ofta se trender i utskicken, och för några månader sedan märkte jag ett uppsving i brev som försöker sälja penisförstoring med fantasifulla rubriker. Dom är faktiskt riktigt underhållande att läsa:

  • Heat up the bedroom with your giant tool.
  • Just looking at Tom's c0ck after he gained 3 inches makes me really wet and want him so bad.
  • A big c0ck is a huge turn on for women just like big breasts are a turn on for men.
  • Make her gasp in awe when you reveal your huge rod to her
  • Huge, thick and incredibly hard
  • Show her the path to pleasure
  • Make hay while the sun shines, a mighty rod make girls mine.
  • Amazing growth in just a few short weeks can be yours.
  • Your measurement of success is by the INCH.
  • Plunge in deeper
  • Get proud being HUMONGOUS.
  • Unleash your monster tool now
  • Make her wet instantly
  • Incredible, non-stop rock hard pumping
  • Enlarge your tool now
  • Penis Enlargement Scams... Get The Truth
  • How Much Will I Gain ?
  • Having a huge lovestick in your pants is easy with this miracles solution
  • Do not bow to nature It is possible to extend your manhood up to SIX inches
  • what do chicks dig? Girth and length, that's what
  • Give the girls what they want with your long and hard instrument.
  • 20% gains in girth expected
  • Be the Ladies' choice with your brand new big d-!ck.
  • Reach areas you could never reach before with your new huge p3nis.
  • She will want to have these nights 4ever!
  • Love her the right way, the hard way - the LONG AND DEEP way.
  • Take this c0ck enlargement pill only if you want to attract the best women
  • Love, Locomotives, and Long DlCKS...
  • Incredible Irresistable Insatiable ROCK HARD ALL DAY LONG
  • Never hear any more complaints about your small w33ner
  • Change your garden tool into a POWER DRILL
  • Wow, it's possible for you to have a 9-inch member too
  • No longer want to be shy about your item?
  • Your partner will have appreciate you more after this.
  • Thrusting hard into her, she moaned and came in less than 5 minutes
  • Your girlfriend can't wait for night to fall once you have this.
  • Make your girlfriend appreciate you more this Valentine's Day
  • Where adding a few inches could mean changing your life for the good.
  • Nothing beats the feeling of having a 9" pen1s.
  • Life's tough, make IT tougher, harder, longer.
  • Ashamed or concerned about the size of your tool? Don't be - you can add inches today.
  • She will be amazed by your new length.
  • My DlCK? It's my favorite organ, and it's HUGE
  • Your best present to her is your long hard rod.
  • Fill her up tight and deep and show her pleasure like never before
  • Watch the lust in her eyes when you whip out your 9 inch monster
  • Give her the experience of a lifetime.
  • She will lick yours like a sugared lollipop.
  • 4 inches today, double up to 8 inches tomorrow.
  • Walk softly and carry a huge stick.
  • Give it to her good with your super-large c0ck
  • She will start screaming in pleasure from now on!
  • No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises!
  • Increase Your Penis Width (Girth) By upto 20%. Doctor Approved And Recommended.

Där hör du! Om doktorerna godkänt medlet och tom rekommenderar det så bara måste det ju vara bra!


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2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

heheh fan va bra ide´ att sammanställa detta :)

min favorit är inte med dock:

"size DOES matter"

det läste jag i ett spammail för nått år sedan och då är det väl så helt enkelt ;)

större penis,penisförstoring sa...

Spam är verkligen ett helvete. Ifall du vill sluta få spam mail så rekommenderar jag dig starkt till att byta e-post till GMail. Deras spamfilter äger! Detta var den senaste länken jag fick i min mail större penis och penisförstoring. Spam!